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Original Long/Short Sleeve Dog suit

The Canine Comfy original dog suit is an alternative to the awful cone of shame/e-collar PLUS so much more! One purchase = multiple uses!! It is the perfect recovery suit after surgeries as well as a protective suit for skin conditions. It is made out of a lightweight breathable moisture wicking 4-way stretch athletic wear fabric, just like people wear for working out. Unlike cotton fabrics, the Comfy material does NOT absorb moisture (licking, rain, etc), does NOT make dogs feel warm, does NOT shrink and washes easily while drying quickly. It has a movable potty flap so it’s easy for pups to take potty breaks. It has Velcro fasteners to provide easy on/off; no need to pull over the head which many dogs do not like. The long sleeve suit provides 90% body coverage including legs and buttocks. The long sleeves can be cut down to short sleeves if desired, but short sleeved dog suits are also available. Finally, the Athletic Canine Comfy is the same dog suit but does not provide coverage of dogs’ private parts. So instead of a potty flap, the buttocks and belly are exposed.

1. Protects:
    • Licking/scratching/biting
    • Surgical incisions/wounds
    • Hot spots
2. Comforts & relaxes pups
    • Anxiety (i.e. thunder, separation)
    • Post surgery discomfort
      • Itchy skin (i.e. allergies, stitches)
      • Provides better sleep 
3. Outerwear – keeps pups clean & protected from the cold
4. Shedding – keeps dogs fur from getting furniture, car seats, etc.
5. Potty training & male marking behavioral issues – closed potty flap helps
Dogs are uncomfortable with the cone of shame and dog collars in addition to the discomfort from the surgical incisions or wounds.  The cone/collars are cumbersome and make it difficult for dogs to move, sleep or eat easily.  In addition to not feeling well from surgery or wounds, dogs often feel even worse from wearing cones/collars.  Although there are different types and sizes of the cone, they often do not fit right and therefore can easily slide off or be removed by the dog.  Many dogs can even reach their sensitive spots with the cone/collar!
Key Benefits:
  • Comfortable fabric covering incisions feel good to the dogs.
    Therefore, dogs often do not try to irritate the sensitive area.

  • Helps prevent other pets from damaging surgical incisions/wounds

  • Velcro fasteners are strategically located along the back of Comfy so dogs cannot easily reach and open.

  • Velcro provides an adjustable fit for different size dogs as well as the flexibility to provide a snug fit to help ease anxiety.

  • Velcro (rather than snaps) is used for quick & easy access as well as for safety.  Frequent on/off of the Comfy can cause snaps to loosen or possibly even be bitten off whereas our Velcro is strong and won't loosen.


The Canine Comfy booties are soft and conform to your pup’s paws to keep your pup comfy when walking, running and playing. With a breathable water-resistant fabric and gripping sole, they help keep your dog’s paws clean and protected from cold, heat, salt, ice, mud, sharp objects, etc. No dirty paws help keep your home cleaner—just slip them off your pup at the door!

Key Benefits

  • Water-resistant fabric helps keep paws dry in snow and on wet streets.
  • Provides a layer of protection from licking itchy paws. Be proactive and protect your pup from causing hot spots!
  • Anti- slip sole provides traction whether it's for inside the home or while outside on the ice.
  • Easy to put on and take off with adjustable Velcro straps that wrap around the booties.
  • Come in many sizes for good fitting booties that STAY ON!
  • Additional UNIQUE Velcro fasteners on backs of booties are what help KEEP the booties on the paws.

While these booties are water resistant, some water may seep through the seams. If this happens, line dry or place on bents to quickly dry.

The booties are machine washable on a gentle or hand wash cycle. Line dry or place on vents to quickly dry.

Please keep in mind, pups come in all shapes and sizes so your unique pup's paw size may not directly reflect our sizing. If not, please order on the customized product page and a bootie will be custom made for your pup at no additional cost. For the best fit, please be sure to measure your dog carefully before selecting a size. The sizing chart image provides exact measurements by size.


A multi-functional protective vest for protection, anxiety, outerwear, cuteness.

Available in fleece (gray and black only) and athletic wear fabric (gray, blue, magenta, fuscia and pink).

Looks great personalized with your favorite décor/logos.

All Pups & Female Pups Athletic Dog suit

The "All Pups Athletic” style is great for both females and males as it is a full body suit with the private parts and abdomen areas open, unlike the “Original” suit which covers those areas with a flap.  This style makes potty breaks just a little easier.  This is perfect for pups that are pee pad trained!  Also popular for recoveries from growth removals, ACL surgeries, hot spots, etc.  Plus it's a SNOW SUIT and keeps pups dry in the rain!  Keeping pups dry & snowball free helps prevent pups from licking themselves.

The “Female Pups Athletic” style is like the “All Pups Athletic” style in that it is a full body suit, but it covers the abdomen area.  Therefore this style protects SPAY incisions.  There is an opening in the back of the suit for potty breaks so there is no need for a flap like in the Original suit!  This is perfect for pups that are pee pad trained!  Also popular for recoveries from growth removals, ACL surgeries, hot spots, etc.  Plus it's a SNOW SUIT and keeps pups dry in the rain!  Keeping pups dry & snowball free helps prevent pups from licking themselves.

Both are available in long and short sleeves. 


The Canine Comfy is made in Chicago, IL