Our Story

Oreo, our Shitzu poodle, underwent three surgeries by the age of six: broken front paw, removal of a benign tumor, and knee surgery. For the first surgery, we purchased EVERY cone on the market in hopes of finding one that fit her well enough while eating, sleeping, and drinking. Most importantly, we wanted to protect Oreo from herself. She was constantly scratching, licking, and itching the wound, which would surely lead to infection. The problem was that we couldn’t find a cone that properly fit her. She kept wandering around the house bumping into furniture and walls. She cried from the pain and was very sad. After yet another sleepless night for Oreo and myself, I knew I had to find a solution to rescue our dog from the cruel and cumbersome cone.

The next day, I bought a baby onesie outfit, cut it, and pinned it so it would fit Oreo. To my surprise, once the cone was off and the onesie was on, Oreo's demeanor immediately changed for the better. In addition, she had been trying to scratch the incision while wearing her cone, and once it was covered with the onesie, she no longer seemed to be irritated. I knew I was onto something--not just for Oreo--but for ALL dogs suffering similarly. Not to mention that Oreo looked super cute with the onesie rather than scary with the exposed incision and giant cone around her neck. With her new "Comfy" attire, Oreo and all family members were much happier.