The Canine Comfy has proven to be a great low stress alternative to bandages and collars. Whether protecting surgical incisions or preventing obsessive licking it has served me and my patients well.
- Dr. Michael Malitz, DVM Countryside Animal Clinic, Northbrook IL
FANTASTIC product! Ziggy wears the Canine Comfy when he has infections and/or hot spots; which prevents him from licking and scratching the affected area, AND lessens the time he is in a cast and needs medication. Everything heals much quicker when covered!
We also have used the Canine Comfy as a preventative measure, at the onset of an incident, for it helps us avoid trips to the vet and medication altogether! AMAZING product for our dog and our wallets too!
 - Stephanie Engelman
Our dog Coco required surgery to remove an abscess and were required to keep her from licking her 8- inch long incision area for three weeks. It was so nice for Coco to be able to wear the Comfy rather than a cone because she seemed so much more at ease and comfortable while she wore it. ! The Comfy came in handy even after her sutures were removed because she accidentally re-opened her wound (when not wearing the Comfy) by running under a car door. The Comfy offered added protection while her fur grew in and her wound continued to heal.
- Sarah Rosenblum

Milo wore the comfy when he was neutered. He liked it sooooo much better than the cone.
It was great! It was so easy to use, wash, and so comfy. It was especially easy for Milo to move in and to have him go “potty” with it on.
- Jory Mangurten