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Canine Comfy Winter Special

Canine Comfy Winter Special

I hope you and your furry babies are staying warm, protected & COMFY this winter!  If you didn’t know already, our suits are not only for recoveries and itching/licking, but they are for anxiety, calming and snow suits!  The suits can be so calming that pets often sleep better while wearing them.  Your pups may love playing in the snow, but you may not like the snowballs they bring in on their fur and the extra grooming required as a result.  Keep them dry in the snow and in the rain with the Canine Comfy suits!


Also, please pay attention to your pups’ paws as the salt may start bothering them which could cause hot spots and infections.  Our booties are lightweight, made to fit your pup’s paws and have 2 sets of unique Velcro fasteners.  All of these features make the booties easy to put on, easy for the pups to walk in and best of all, they stay on!


Did you check out our vests/coats yet? We have 1 layer and 2 layer fleece, tie dye cotton and athletic wear.  You can mix and match the fabrics for the 2 layer and make them reversible too! 

Finally, we can personalize any of our products with anything you want!  Below are some pictures to show off some of our extra cute Comfy gear.


Have a good weekend and stay warm & comfy!




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