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Our raincoats are made out of high quality lightweight waterproof Dintex mesh black softshell fabric.  It is suitable for all weather conditions, providing protection from water and wind while breathable.  The fabric is soft, flexible and lightweight so it is comfy for pups to wear in all weather.  It comes in multiple styles: solid, ruffle, trim.

It also is available both with and without a hood. The hood has an adjustable strap under the chin to help keep it in place. It attaches to the raincoat with Velcro so it can easily be taken off when your pup doesn’t need to wear it. Why only wear the raincoat in the rain?? It’s really that cute, comfy & lightweight! Plus it provides a swaddle feel for many pups who get anxious!

Your pups won’t want to go back to the rubber/polyester raincoats once they wear our comfy ones!  For the fashion conscious pups, our boots are made out of the same black Dintex fabric, and the boot strap colors can coordinate with the trims/ruffles on the coats!

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Water Resistant Fabric

Wash cold, gentle and hang dry


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It works!

At first, I purchased the raincoat without the hood. As it worked fine, I decided that I wanted the hood to protect my dog’s head from getting wet. Julie worked with me to make sure the fit was perfect. She went above and beyond tweaking to make sure the hood stayed on. We love it!