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Tail Covering

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This tail covering can be added to any dog suit order including:

The Original Long Sleeve
The Original Short Sleeve

You must order one of the suits above because the tail covering needs to attach to a suit via velcro. If you don't order a suit, the tail will just fall off and then your pup will be embarrassed and we don't want that to happen.

We'll email you after you place your order to determine the size of your dog's tail.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Valerie Becke
Great for Happy Tail Issues

Our rescue pittie Bruno is a good good in fact that he has Happy Tail. He has broken it several times, causing major discomfort. We tried everything. And then we found Canine Comfy! Not only has this helped his tail heal, but it helps him stay calm. There has been a significant impact to his anxiety. Not only is the product great, but the customer service is exceptional. Julie truly cares about her products and helping puppas! I highly recommend!

Worked Wonderfully!

The tail cover worked wonderful for our dog after he had to undergo surgery on his tail. The suit was comfortable for him and the tail cover was easily attachable and stayed on really well even through him shaking. The suit also worked really well for potty breaks. The design made it super easy to pull back the flap so we did not have to remove the suit for potty breaks. I would definitely recommend Canine Comfy tail covering! Julie was awesome and extremely timely getting the suit to us with the unexpected surgery for our dog.