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The Male Athlete Dog Suit

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The Male Athlete is great for boy pups as it is a full body suit with the private parts and abdomen areas open, unlike the “Original” suit which covers those areas with a velcro flap.  This style makes potty breaks just a little easier.  Plus it's a snow suit and keeps pups dry in the rain!  Keeping pups dry & snowball free helps prevent them from licking themselves and also prevents matting.
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Performance Fabric

Wash cold, gentle and hang dry


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sheryl Roy
game changer!

My 65 lb doodle had 10 lypomas removed from all over his body. Needless to say, he was miserable, but the cone made it worse. Along came the Canine Comfy and wow! My pup is 100% more comfortable. Outstanding product and amazing customer service. This is the 2nd one we purchased and love the product. Highly recommend!


Canine comfy is by far the best body suit brand out there . The best quality, customer service, and the sizing it perfect every time this is my second order with them ! Thank you Caine comfy !

Happy Customer
Super Comfy!

This suit worked really well for my puppy after he was neutered. He was completely covered but it was easy to undo when I took him out. SO much better than a cone! Highly recommend.

Robyn Miller Henry
Perfect fit and style!

Teddy’s Canine Comfy fits him perfectly and will help him to comfortably recover from surgery. So grateful this amazing product is available! Thank you to the team at Canine Comfy!

Life saver

The canine comfy is the best invention. My mom’s dog Barney had surgery and came home with a cone, which is heartbreaking and cruel. I called Julie and picked up the perfect size comfy for Barney. He’s resting and recovering in comfort now. Julie and her canine comfy are life savers!!